miss hummel (internaltears) wrote,
miss hummel

Writer's Block: Money to burn

If you were given two weeks off with an unlimited supply of money that was only good for those two weeks (anything you purchased, invested, or saved would disappear when the two weeks were up), what would you do?

 If I had an unlimited supply of money and two weeks of free time to use it but could not keep anything that came from it, I would simply go have fun. I would make memories. Not to say that it requires money in order to make memories because that is in no way remotely true but there are a lot of fun things to do that are quite expensive. Thus you are investing in the memory. For example, one thing I would love to do if I were in this predicament is going sky diving. Sky diving is very expensive but it is something that you never ever forget. So, I would do fun memorable things that cost money and take the memory with me.... travel (somewhere new each day), sky dive, go to amusement parks, see beautiful landmarks like the Eiffel tower,  LIVE. Also, if time allowed I would invest in some classes of some sort, learn something new. You always take a new skill with you, it will never disappear or vanish like something monetary or material.

What would you do?
Tags: writer's block
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