miss hummel (internaltears) wrote,
miss hummel

Proverbs 1 and 2

Proverbs 1

The Purpose:
Vs. 1-4
A.) To know wisdom and instruction
B) To recieve instruction on wisdom, justice, and equity
C) To teach knowledge and discrection

A.) Vs. 7 I need not to be a fool but rather i need to be fearing God and growing in wisdom and knowledge.
B.) Vs.8-9 We are to obey, honor, and learn from our parents
C.) V.10- 19 We are to stay away from those who do evil. We are not even to be enticed by them. They are greedy and they seek to do harm, even to themselves sometimes. We are to run from them.
D.) V. 20- 33 We are to seek out wisdom. We are to heed to it and to listen to it. We are not to refuse God's wisdom by being foolish. If we are foolish and don't heed to wisdom, then when we need it, it is not going to be given to us. We are to seek and use wisdom now, not jsut when we feel that we need it. We are to fear the Lord. But if we hearken unto wisdom, we will be safe.

Proverbs 2

A.)  V. 1-2 We are to hear God's words and hide his commandments in our heart, keeping them close to us and following them. We are to listen to wisdom and be inclined to the understanding of Christ.
B.) V. 3-5 If we seek knowledge and understanding and do so earnestly, God will give it to us. I need to be personally seeking knowledge and understanding in my own life.
C.) V. 6-9 These things are all available through Christ and if we are seeking them through Him, he will provide them fully and completely.  ( Righteousness, judgment, equity, etc.)
D.) V. 10-22 Having wisdom and knowledge will lead to having discretion and understanding. These two things will preserve you and keep you from evil. I need to be praying for these things so that i may have true discretion and understanding. These things will deliver you from evil from those who seek to tear you from Christ.
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