miss hummel (internaltears) wrote,
miss hummel

i saw you today

I saw you today in the dim light of the setting sun

Walking step by step to somewhere I’ll never know

Hands fumbling through your pockets for one of those sweet cinnamon candies that make you smell like Christmas

As your long blonde hair lifted a little with each tiny gust of the summer breeze


I saw you today wearing those tight jeans on your skinny body

Knowing that beneath them lay only bare skin and making me chuckle a little

Your gray t-shirt peeking out underneath your green zip up sweater

Your eyes a perfect shade to match


I saw you today and a tear fell from my eye

I longed to reach out and touch you

To smell the sweet smell of pomegranates on your skin

I saw you today and I began to chase after you but the quicker I ran the farther away you became

I saw you today but then the alarm rang…




Tags: sweet vianne
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