miss hummel (internaltears) wrote,
miss hummel


All of our lives we have heard this concept of the American dream. As i walked home from work this afternoon, examining the houses in the neighborhood that I was in, I began to think what exactly is the American dream? I used to think that the American dream was simple, that it was black and white. To define the American dream that I have envisioned my entire life would be a simple home with a white picket fence. Inside the fence a husband and wife, happily married, a few children running around in the yard, a golden retriever, a nice car parked outside in the driveway. I thought that was the American dream but then I look at the world that we live in today and I look at the real America and it makes me re-think this concept in great proportions. Maybe we all have a different American dream. Gatsby's American dream was that of money and pride, no wife or children or picket fence needed. I think that maybe the American dream has become nothing more than the shallow single life of a party girl living in a lush pad in the Hollywood hills with maybe a little fame sprinkled on top. Or maybe the fame first everything else following. Maybe the American dream is to be the boss, to be the one in charge, the CEO, the head honcho. I don't know. But it's not the happy and functional families that you hear saying " I am living the American dream", it's the celebrities, the athletes, the socialites. This whole idea of the American dream has lost it's luster. It's sad to see the change in the idea of what it is to be truly happy and successful go from family to fame. Maybe I am wrong, maybe the American dream is simply your dream. Maybe it's what you make it. In that case, I'll take what I have envisioned my whole life. I will take the husband and the happy marriage and the children and the dog and picket fence. I will take that any day over the shallow and lonely life of money and success. How about you?
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