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Red walls and yellow lamps...

I have decided that my dreams are not meant to be boxed. I have learned that I have to believe in my wants.
So, with that said.
I want a coffee house/book store/chill spot./bakery/etc.
Like, my own.
I have since senior year.
And well, I will have it.
I don't know where or when but I will.
See, if this weren't meant to happen.
Then I wouldn't have been given a best friend with the same dream.
So, it will
And we will have deep red walls and awesome funky lamps and art all over the walls.
Some of the rooms will have murals, others will have the sharpie written memories of college students...
And we will sell used books, lots of them
and vintage jewelry.
And we will have the best coffee in town
and cinnamon struesel muffins to die for.
And we will have awesome bands there every night.
And little art babies running around in the early mornings.
And art lessons in the back room with the crazy blonde teacher, a pencil holding up her hair, baby on hip, looking quizzically at every detail of life, trying to maneuver the perfect change.
And well, love.
Lots of love in that place.
Love and family and warmth and diversity and the blend of two best friends, soul-mates.
And I cannot wait...
Tags: art babies, daisy fay, jonny damon, mr. buchanan...., vianne
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