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So if my computer weren't broken down I would totally be putting this in a document instead of in my journasl but it is broken down and I need to put it somewhere that I won't lose it so this works.

How to start a wedding planning business:

Very first things first:
A.) Establish Contacts

a1.) Research all different types of wedding vendors in the area (Venues, dress shops, florists, photographers, caterers, bakeries, entertainment, officants, musicians, etc)
a2.) Meet with researched vendors and establish working relationships with them. 
a.3.) Categorize vendors by their work, their price, their quality of work and choose specific vendors to work with often based on these criteria.

Pretty much that's all I have so far... However I can start thinking of how to go from there. Once that is compete, I need to find out how to go about getting a business liscence, etc. Then after that I need to start building a client base and working on marketing, etc.

While I am in the process of this, I need to be getting my feet as wet as possible.

Here goes nothing....
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