miss hummel (internaltears) wrote,
miss hummel

Amber summers

The nights of these amber summers captivate me

They lay hold of my passion and keep me until the morning comes

The waves are my solace and I drift on them

Fears and hopes and dreams set free

These amber summers remind me that I don’t need to have a care in the world

I have my water and my moon

The dreary winters leave me empty but these nights bring me to life again

Paint me passionate or soulful

Make me Etta James or Aretha Franklin or Billy Holiday

Give me the heart of Maya Angelo and the love of Mother Theresa

These amber summers keep me warm even on the darkest of days

Lay me down and tell me lies but I can discern them all

I need not the embraces of men or the love of this world

I have my waves and I have my soul

I have my fire and I could walk on beds of burning coals

Because my amber summers are my strength



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