miss hummel (internaltears) wrote,
miss hummel

Just how far the east is from the west...

So, I am listening to casting crowns and even though I am listening to the new album, it brought back a memory. I remember bringing Justin up to Word of Life, for RA training last year and out on the main lawn, the quad, as I called it, they were having like this cookout thing for dinner and they were playing "voice of truth" and then i met andrew there.  And I remember meeting dreggitts and alex bradley on that lawn that day too. WOLBI was such a different world to me then. It was like this huge mystery that would be the next year of my life. It's crazy to think that I went there not knowing anything about it and trusting God through that strange year and strange enviorment. But it was such a great great year. And I miss it so much. But, life goes on. I learned a lot there about God, about the Bible, about life. But it's a bubble there. It is not the real world. And so I am in the world and God has great plans for my  life and I am so excited to see what they are.... :)
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